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CAPTAIN CASH was the 1 st person to walk into the SANDPIPER hotel [as it was then named ] on April 1st 1994.

Captain was a train driver, security gaurd, SUPA SPY kitchen assistent, barman, night watchmen, butler and cleaner during his stay in allonby and become a firm favourite witll ALL our customers. Everyone came into the pub and expected captain to have a fag AND pint in his hands....he never let any one down.

He was the LIFE AND SOUL OF ALLONBY FOR 20 YEARS loving to see old customers and friends and TAKING NO NONSENSE off any young uns.

With his trademark dark glasses and tribly captain actually thought HE WAS....PERRY COMO and loved karaoke nights.

His latter years were mainly spent in Spain as he started his own export business based in fuengirola and he learnt the lingo and loved smoking INSIDE his favourite pub the OLD LONDON PUB with his friends sham fisel n glen.

I could go on FOR EVER about this man but i will just say HE WAS ...AND STILL IS ...A LIVING LEGEND and is still VERY SADLY missed by everyone...

R.I.P Cpatain Cash


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